** When purchasing your wristbands, please remember you cannot exceed the amount of 25 people per team, including coaches, players and spectators.  There is ONE spectator allowed per player.  

Examples:  9 players 2 coaches=9 player wristband package.   

                    11 players 2 coaches=11 player package

                    13 players 2 coaches= 10 player package

                    10 players 1 coach but only 7 spectators coming=7 player package

** Coaches MUST turn in official rosters to get their wristbands on Friday, March 5th between 3pm and 9pm.  Wristbands will need to be handed out prior to entering the building on Saturday to avoid gathering in large groups in the convention center.

** If you try to purchase more wristbands than allowed to your team, no refunds will be given.

**There will be no in-person sales for this tournament.