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  • Each team is responsible for PRE-PURCHASING their tickets (wristbands) before February 8th. No admissions will be taken the day of the event.

  • Rosters and parents will be checked. If you have 10 players, you can only purchase the 10 player package or lower based on how many spectators you have. You are only allowed ONE SPECTATOR PER PLAYER EACH DAY

  • Coaches will be given two different options to pick up tickets (wristbands), Friday, Feb. 12 and Sat. when you arrive.   Please have your OFFICIAL USAV roster with you to pick up tickets (wristbands).  The athlete's one spectator will need to have the wristband (ticket) on their wrist in order to enter the gym.

  • Wristbands(tickets) cannot be transferred to another spectator in the same day.   A different spectator can come the Sunday with the day two wristband, but again, cannot be transferred to a second person in the same day.

  • JUST TO BE CLEAR: Do not purchase a ticket package for more players than you have. EXAMPLE: If you pick the 12 player roster package and you only have 10 players on your team, when you  check in, those extra wristbands will be discarded and you will not be refunded.

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